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Ad Frank:
A Lotta Devotion

A Lotta Devotion Released October 2003, Stop, Pop, and Roll
Produced by Ad Frank
Track Listing:
1. A Little Devotion
2. The Dulles Brothers Were Here
3. Martini Bouquet (Boothnavy Mix)
4. You've Been Walking Such a Fine Line Baby Such a Fine Line
5. A Little Devotion (Commodore Vic-20 Mix)
6. Martini Bouquet (Piano Version)
7. A Little Devotion (live on WERS)
8. Trudy (John Dragonetti Mix)
9. If I Find Another One Of Your Bobby Pins in My Bed,
I Am Coming By to Shove Them Up Your Ass (demo)
10. Barking Up the Wrong Girl (Strings)
11. Goodbye Cruel Girl (Sue Boyer Mix)
12. A Little Devotion (Master Cylander Mix)

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