l i n d a

Linda Bean Pardee

Malden, MA


Fast Easy Woman since
Autumn, 2006

Other band affiliations (past and present)
Frigate, Well, Orbit, Stars & Stripes, PermaFrost,
Miles Dethmuffen, Violet Crumbles, Starcrunch stints with
Helicopter Helicopter and The 360's

Musical Influences
Bruce Foxton (The Jam), Andy Rourke (The Smiths),
Joyce Raskin (Scarce), Jay Bentley (Bad Religion)

Other Influences
Blue Moon with a giant hunk o' orange, please.

On being a Fast Easy Woman
I've never been in a sextet before...HAHrhAHRhHAhrrraaAARRrrRR!!!!

Other comments
For the record, I'm neither fast, nor easy. I'm slow and difficult.